Steel & Cooper Industry

Steel & Cooper Industry


As the blood of Industry , Nitrogen & Hydrogen play a big role in this field . They used for cold rolls production, stainless steel, with galvanization line, silicon steel , high-carbon steel, cooper productions (brass, red cooper,  cupronickel )etc . Nitrogen & hydrogen usually worked with different kinds of furnace such as Bell type furnace, continuous bright annealing furnace。

Typical applications:

Gas in Steel & Cooper industry features:

● Purity : normally using mixing gas  

Nitrogen purity : 99.999%

Hydrogen : 99.99%   

Hydrogen and nitrogen mixing gas rate :

H2 : 5%-50%

N2 : 50%-95%

● Pressure : 1-5 bar(G)

● Dew point : <-60℃

● Backup system will be mandatory, prefer Nitrogen plant working + Liquid nitrogen system backup mode or Nitrogen plant working + High pressure nitrogen plant storage (pressurize )standby type

● System interlocking control & fully automatic


Typical reference : BAO STEEL, ANSTEEL, JYXC,, BSB STEEL, GUNUNG Steel etc 

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