Heated desiccant air dryer


Heated desiccant air dryer also via pressure swing adsorption , regeneration recycling reducing regeneration consumption, via electrical heating regeneration for drying compressed air device . 

Product Details

  • Technical parameters

    Flow : 1-500 Nm3/min

    Pressure : <10 bar(G)

    Dew point : -60 ℃

    Working condition and technical data

    Pressure range:0.5-1.0Mpa

    Pressure dew point: -40℃

    Inlet oil content:≤0.1PPm

    Regeneration gas consumption:7%-10%

    Control mode:  PLC control

    Power supply: 380V/220V/50Hz/60Hz 

    Period: T = 2-6 (H)

    Design condition: 20-45℃

    Working pressure: 0.7-0.8 MPa

    Pressure loss: <0.5 bar(G)

  • Salient Features

    1.Fast & stable 

    2.Easy operate & maintain

    3.Available for different atmosphere



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