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  • Is it necessary to change the molecular sieve of PSA nitrogen and oxygen generators?

    Incorrect designed PSA generators from other manufacturers and/or the use of low-quality molecular sieves with insufficient strength do indeed need a regular renewal of their molecular sieve. Fortunately, the PSA generators from Sumairui Gas don’t require such major and very inconvenient overhauls.

    As long as the feed air is of sufficient quality, the PSA generators from Sumairui Gas do not need any renewal of the molecular sieve during their entire lifetime. Sumairui Gas applied patents special to prevent fluidization to be happened, and we running tests before market introduction to assure low gas speeds through the molecular sieve beds and maximum durability. Sumairui Gas applies exclusively first-class quality molecular sieves for all its PSA nitrogen and oxygen generators.

  • Can I use air compressors with an integrated air dryer?

    Only if the ambient air temperature at the installation site does not exceed 25°C / 77°F. Because the drying capacity of an air dryer will be strongly depends on the ambient temperature and the incoming feed air temperature. Integrated driers have an insufficient capacity at ambient temperatures above 25°C / 77°F and therefore the installation of a specifically sized separate air dryer will be required to guarantee the proper dew point for the ultimate generator performance.

  • Is desiccant dryer better than refrigeration drier?

    The compressed air from the air compressor normally has a temperature which is 10 to 15°C above ambient temperature. A correct sized refrigeration drier not only guarantees a sufficient dew point of the feed air to the gas generator, but also will cool the feed air. Feed air cooling has two important beneficial effects. But in desiccant dryer, moisture adsorption is an exothermic process. After adsorption drying of compressed air the temperature will rise. According to the moisture content difference, if entering compressed air temperature is 40°C, then it is possible after the drying of compressed air the temperature reach 45°C or higher. You know the higher temperature the lower efficiency for air separation process.

  • What is the purpose of the gas receiver tank?

    The gas receiver tank allows the gas to be delivered to your application at a consistent flow rate and a consistent pressure. The size of the tank has little influence on the average discharge pressure of the produced nitrogen or oxygen, but smaller tanks increase the pressure fluctuations during the PSA cycles.

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