PSA nitrogen generator


PSA nitrogen generator using CMS as raw material to get 95%-99.999% nitrogen from air , it has simple structure, high integration, easily for installation, operation  , lower investment ,operating and maintenance cost features. 

Product Details

  • Technical parameters

    Nitrogen flow : 5-10000Nm3/hr 

    Nitrogen purity : 95%-99.9995% 

    Nitrogen pressure : 5-10 bar(G)

    Nitrogen dew point : -40℃~ -45℃

    Notes : PSA Nitrogen system can be installed on one skid or containerized , any other requirements are welcome to customize . 

  • Salient Features

    ● Secure and reliable 

    ● Easily installation and operation 

    ● 7*24 hrs Continuous supply nonstop 

    ● Fast operation 

    ● Lower investment 

    ● Less maintenance



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